Feature image of the EatNow app


iOS App, UX, UI

EatNow connects local restaurants with customers Australia wide. With over 4000+ restaurants, it was fast growing to become a massive player in the food delivery game. EatNow was eventualy sold to MenuLog, which was then acquired by JustEat from the United Kingdom.

Areas of focus

The scope of this project was to initially update the look and feel of the app to match the new look and feel introduced by iOS7.

Once I successfully completed this task, the team at EatNow then expanded on this further and decided to tackle the tricky task of customising meals


I decided to make the content stand out as much as possible and reduce the amount of skeuomorphism that was present in the app which was rampant in iOS6.

Once again, I opted to use a component based structure as time was of the essence and I knew I had more work to do and couldn't dedicate all my time to Eat Now for the rest of the year.

Eat Now App iOS6
Home screen sketches
Full visual refresh

Customising meals

Feedback received from customers highlighted that they were having difficulty customising meals. This was my next challenge. Hot on the heels of creating the style guide, I was able to iterate quickly and work with the EatNow team to map out the optimal flow for customising meals, without having to create fully detailed mockups.

EatNow custom meals workflow. Please note, several minor visual updates were made after this document was created.

Developer handoff

Ever a stickler for consistency and ensuring that my designs are implemented correctly, I created a style guide outlining the components that were used throughout the design.

EatNow style guide