Eat Now – Order meals and discover local restaurants on your phone


EatNow connects local restaurants with customers Australia wide. With over 4000+ restaurants, it was fast growing to become a massive player in the food delivery game. EatNow was eventualy sold to MenuLog, which was then acquired by JustEat from the United Kingdom.

Areas of focus

As EatNow grew, they realised that most of their userbase was on their mobile app. They noticed many points of friction and in order to continue their agressive growth, they needed to seriously update the UX and UI of their app.

After looking at their analytics, grouping their common user complaints and observing users making orders, we decided to focus on the following:-

Updating the look and feel

I decided to make the content stand out as much as possible and reduce the amount of skeuomorphism that was present in the app which was rampant in iOS6.

Using a component based structure was a clear winner here, as it would help us move fast and tackle the other areas of improvement quicker as well.

iOS style framework
iOS refresh based on style framework

A better home screen

The previous version of their iOS app had a signup wall. The wall helped them initially grow and convert customers, but it started getting in the way of them accquiring new customers.

I suggested removing the login wall and instead allowing customers to browse local restaurants in their area, provide easy access to restaurants they order frequently from and the ability to reorder their favourite meals quickly.

Homescreen updates

Checkout and account management updates

In previous versions of the app, customers had no options to easily change their address or payment options easily at checkout. They had to change their defaults from the account section on the web which was a major pain point.

After a couple of days of prototyping and hustling to convince the product owners that this was a much needed UX enhancement, they finally saw the value that it would deliver to their customers.

Checkout UX enhancements and account management updates

Customising meals

Feedback received from customers highlighted that they were having difficulty customising meals. Using notes to add customisation to a dish wasn't working well.

Restaurants weren't receptive to the idea either because it resulted in unhappy customers. Having a solution that could be printed on docket would work really well for them.

This meant covering multiple possible solutions and providing a clear and intuitive interface for customers to easily customise meals and be happy with their order.

Hot on the heels of creating the style framework, I was able to iterate quickly and work with the EatNow team to map out the optimal flow for customising meals, without having to create fully detailed mockups.

Meal customisation options and workflow

Developer handoff

Ever a stickler for consistency and ensuring that my designs are implemented correctly, I created a style guide outlining the components that were used throughout the design.

EatNow style guide