The challenge

Improve the experience of the web and native app in 4 months

Scoopon is part of the Catch group. They approached me to update their apps with two key objectives – update the look and feel of their apps and enhance their platforms usability beyond their competitors.



In favor of speed to market, I was tasked to design piggybacking on the success of features introduced in the CatchofTheDay app. This meant my discovery phase was extremely crunched. Although I was very vocal on the risks, they decided to accept the risks in favour of speed to market.

I concluded the most valueable area to spend my time on was the information architecture (IA) of the website. This would support the creation of new verticals and allow the businees to sell more – something they were very keen on.

Tree testing

The business wanted to introduce new verticals to expand their offering. Looking at the current IA structure, I knew this would need to be designed and rolled out correctly.

Facing limited resources, I opted to conduct an open card sort to get an idea of how our customers think.

With some ideas, I then generated different trees so that I could test multiple options and then test them against the existing structure. Once I had a couple of ideas, I then did a tree jacking exercise.

By keeping the tree jacking tests focused on scenarios, I managed to get a good idea on what a winning IA looked like.

UX Solution #1

Improving information architecture

Based on the results of the tree jack, I had the challenge of linking a 3 tiered navigation structure. I introduced the concept of a segmented control for the main verticals and a neat tidy sub navigation underneath it.

Large screens
Medium screens
Small screens

UX Solution #2

Finding deals easily

You can find a Scoopon for most things. From dining right down to car washes. Numbers are usually limited so time is of the essence. Get in early and you'd have scored a great bargain.

Allowing customers to quickly find Scoopons for what they want is important. Piggybacking on the success we had with filters on CatchOfTheDay, introducing filters to customers was my next focus.

Filters large screen
Filters home medium screen
Filters selected medium screen
Filters home
Filter options
Filters selected
Filters selected

UX Solution #3

Purchasing a Scoopon

Once we launched the app, I managed to convince the product owner to circle back and close the purchasing loop.

The checkout experience wasn't great and there was a gap in the experience between purchasing and the order confirmation.

Discussing this with customer service and customers gave us some great valuable insights. Out of all the insights gained, we decided that the highest priorities were cart summaries and email confirmations.

Customers also expressed they wanted to move away from printing tickets to loading them in the app.

Shopping cart
Place order
Order confirmation