Scoopon – A consistent deal purchasing experience


Part of Catch Group, Scoopon is the #1 group buying website in Australia. They connect local merchants with a massive userbase Australia wide. In addition to local deals, they also offer travel and shopping deals as well.

Areas of focus

Based on my work with CatchofTheDay, their product manager came to me and requested that I do a visual refresh for them. The business requirements were clear:

Trapped in a time machine

The website hadn't been updated in an extremely long time. All the while the business continued to grow and it got to the point that the design was in the way of them pushing more updates and features to customers.

Before and after comparison

Can you get this done like yesterday?

With a tight time constraint, I decided to focus on the main areas where I knew responsive design would be tricky — their current main navigation and how that would translate with the introducing of sub categories across each vertical.

Breaking down each page and applying a component based design system was key here.

Sketching out various options for navigation refresh

Its a jungle out there

My sketching showed me that there was no easy way to go about this — the only way through would be to hack and chop up the entire navigation and redesign that component from scratch.

Having to link the main verticals and their subcategories also presented a big challenge here, because a multi tiered navigation is never pretty or easily digested.

Borrowing from iOS, I introduced the concept of a segmented control for the main verticals and a neat tidy sub navigation underneath it.

A consistent experience on different devices

There's a Scoopon for that

You can find a Scoopon for most things. From dining right down to car washes. Numbers are usually limited so time is of the essence. Get in early and you'd have scored a great bargain.

Allowing customers to quickly find Scoopons for what they want is important. Piggybacking on the success we had with filters on CatchOfTheDay, introducing filters to customers was my next focus.

Consistent filtering experience on web and app

Focusing on content

Part of the experience of purchasing a Scoopon is the details behind the deal. Making it easy for customers to find out the important details and educating the team on the importance of focusing on content my focus.

I worked with copywriters, graphic designers and developers to ensure that we could create a clear, on brand and implementable experience.

Updated local and travel deal pages

Better customer communication

A major part of purchasing a Scoopon is the post purchase communication. One of the main templates that communicated Scoopon details to customers was my next major area of focus. In addition to that, I also designed simple templates for most of the other emails that they send out to customers.

Sketching updates to the email templates
Updated email templates