I'm a creative big picture thinker obsessed with crafting the details.

Senior Product Designer

I was hired to help educate and teach the 35+ designers on mobile first thinking and designing for apps. My day to day was within the business banking tribe, where I worked with the product team to build the SME app with a focus on enabling payments in multiple regions.

Case study Helping SMEs manage payments
Learning Designing a mobile design system
Article Mobile design fundamentals

Lead Product Designer

For 2+ years, I worked with the Digital iD team to change how the Australian public thought about identity and proving their identity in daily moments. I led the design of the app and mentored designers on how to think and design for native apps.

Case study Changing how Australians verify identity
Learning Stronger critiques
Learning Flow sandwiches

Lead Product Designer

Moving from consultant to in house product designer, I worked with various parts of the business to rebuild their shopping experience from the ground up, centered around mobile first strategy. The app accounted for 70% of orders and remains one of Australia's most loved brands and shopping experiences. I went on to do the same for companies in their portfolio like Eat Now, which was acquired and merged with MenuLog.

Case study Australia's favourite place to shop

Meet & greet

Hi there. I'm TJ, and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm fascinated by people, their behaviours and how they interact with the world. Naturally, it goes without saying that product design fits me like a glove.

I'm a systems thinker and care about craft, clarity, extensibility and emotion. I have a deep sense of empathy, which fuels my passion to craft honest, inclusive and meaningful experiences for people.

When it comes to design, I'm strong at communicating design intent both verbally and visually. I embrace experimentation and I'm not afraid to be wrong.

I've been doing this for a long time and I would love to do this with you as well. Here are a couple more companies that I've had the amazing opportunity to design for in the past: